Hair                                                                                                    4/11/2020

I have wanted to write another blog for a while, but I have been overwhelmed with what to talk about. There is so much right now and we are all negotiating through it the best we can. I have withdrawn somewhat from social media, which for me is Facebook, because I have not wanted to contribute to the anxiety, fear and frustration we have all experienced in varying degrees and I have not felt the creativity of those who have put up both inspiring and witty posts and videos. Last night, partly inspired by a very funny video that was messaged to me from a friend and also inspired by my lengthening hair, I wrote this:

I have been wanting, but hesitant, to put up a photo of myself because my hair has grown longer than it’s been in years and I feel like I look quite different now, which I’m not sure is all that good. But I kind of like it, maybe because it is different. Or maybe because it is who I am right now.

It might not seem like a big deal, but let’s be real…Hair is totally a really big deal. Millions are spent on hair, or more importantly, our image we choose to maintain of ourselves. I do not mean to say there is anything wrong with maintaining good hair, hair that represents you and how you want to look.  I’ve even worried about how my dog looks and feels with her hair so long. Everyone from my friend Jack to Pink are taking scissors to their hair (they admit, not well) in an effort to get back to who they have been or imagine themselves to be. I kind of like feeling different in this long hair.  Though, truth be told, I have had varying responses from friends.

What I also like is the feeling of accepting who I am as I look right now. Our self image, a big part of which can be our hair, can be totally undone by not being able to maintain ourselves the way we are use too. There is so much going on right now that has undone our ability to maintain ourselves the way we are use to. I found over the years through spiritual teachings and a lot of practice, that accepting what is does make being human and living through challenges a little easier. And it gives some breathing room to assess what is truly important to give our attention to. In this pause it’s possible to look toward and create what we want our future to be.

So I have accepted (mostly) this new look and I am coming out with what may be good or bad hair, but it is hair that is. I am choosing during this very challenging and heart wrenching time to accept my hair and my image as it is and to take the time that could preoccupy my thoughts with my hair and image not being right or what I want it to be, and put thoughts toward creating a future which is happy, healthy and prosperous for us all. That does include for me looking good, but those who know me, know I’ve always needed a little help with that. So I am finally sharing this new look, though, I did have to take a lot of selfies to get one I felt looked acceptable.

long hair for web



  1. BERT said,

    April 11, 2020 at 7:29 pm

    Which ever the way you do it it’s still you and you look good Peace be with you my friend

  2. Connie L. said,

    April 12, 2020 at 7:27 am

    You are not just “looking good” Sutree, you are looking fantastic and I love this blog. I totally related (and giggled out loud) to the part about taking multiple selfies to get an image that is “acceptable” but the meaning of your words in this blog are resonating. Thanks for being 100% YOU. xx

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