Returning Home

sunset dark

My dearest and most beloved friend, I love you so much, so deeply. I feel great sadness at the thought of never hearing your voice again, of never sitting across from you and sharing our feelings about those we care about, and our thoughts and beliefs about the true nature of this world and the invisible world of our souls. I know it is your path to move on ahead and actually experience the things we have pondered over these many years. You have returned home to that heavenly realm from which we all arise and I am grateful for your freedom from the suffering you have had to endure these last years. I am grateful also for your freedom to explore your new life in spirit and to visit any of us who love you so much and who you love so much, where ever we are, whenever you want.

I know it was very hard for you to leave us, even while wanting the suffering to end. I don’t know that any of us who remain will ever understand the purpose or need of suffering in order to leave our physical life. It is my belief that even though it feels to us like you have had to leave this life too early, that there is purpose in this timing. I believe this is of your souls choosing and that you will have great happiness in being able to continue on your life’s work of creatively expressing your conscious evolution and loving kindness for all of us whose lives and hearts you have lit up and inspired. Even though we are heartbroken about all the pain you endured and we feel deep sadness not to have you physically here with us, I know it has been your destiny and I am grateful to know that you will be there waiting for us when it is our turn.

I am also grateful to believe that you will be in touch in some way and that you will help me to make that connection with you. I think you will be helping us all as we struggle to continue without you in this life. I believe I will feel the presence of your very loving spirit and I look forward to hearing all about our spiritual home to which you have returned and to learn about your adventures in consciousness from your new perspective.
Your friend, eternally.

Because of you…

view from patioI recently drove back home to Southern Oregon to visit my oldest and dearest friend who has been living with cancer. I knew it would probably be our last visit and it was so hard to leave her. She was heavily medicated and struggling, her eyes closed most of the time. On the third day as I was getting ready to leave, she opened her eyes wide and looked right at me and kissed me several times, and we told each other how much we loved each other. I told her not to be afraid, that she would be happy, she would be healthy again and could do whatever she wanted and wouldn’t have to wait for the things she wants to happen the way we do here. I told her that her animals would all be waiting for her and she smiled. I told her I would write to her the way I write to Barrie and she nodded her head. The following is a letter I wrote to her in my journal the next morning. She passed a few days later, early this morning, Sunday October 13, 2019.

My dearest friend, when I was 10 and the new kid in school, when we moved to Eagle Point in the middle of the school year, you scooped me up and brought me into your world. You became my best friend from that point and all through Junior High and High School. Over these 54 years, there were times when we were living in different towns and different states and not always in touch, but each time we reconnected, our friendship and love for each other remained steadfast.

About 15 years ago you scooped me up again and brought me into your spiritual world. You brought me back to beliefs and philosophies I had abandoned. You literally lit up my life with renewed hope and purpose. The books you shared with me gave me a foundation and ignited my curiosity to pursue greater happiness and to develop my knowledge and awareness of a spiritual way of living. It led me to learn about methods of emotional healing which I believe saved my life and my relationship with Barrie, because I had shut down emotionally after my mother’s death some years before. It helped me to heal from childhood challenges, from my fathers early death, from my mothers and from other family deaths. This spiritual foundation and your love and friendship helped carry me through Barrie’s illness and passing. At times you were the only one I could talk with about spiritual ideas and we shared so much over these years. We shared books we would find in used bookstores, we shared our writings, and we had great discussions trying to gain better understanding about what we were reading and learning and the deeper truths of our being.

My friend, you have been and will always be in my heart a deep abiding love, and because of you, I know you have gone from this Earth into the welcoming light of all the angels who surround you with the love and the light of our Divine Spirit. All the love you have given to your family, friends and even strangers throughout this life is pouring back over you now and you are knowing greater love than we can ever imagine. You are experiencing the glorious infinite loving nature of God and I know it will be your great happiness to share that with us. Because of you I know your love, your great light and your spiritual presence will surround us and you will be our angel of light, touching our souls with the depth of your love.
Your friend, eternally…